Web Designer

Master an in-demand IT profession and be able to work remotely or freelance

Gain middle-level skills in addition to basic web designer knowledge

You will be able to look for a job and pass interviews after just 4 months of training

A web designer designs and creates user-friendly websites

This specialist is responsible for the appearance of web pages and compliance with logic in interfaces. He creates new sites and updates outdated solutions, so the profession of a web designer remains one of the most in demand in the digital and IT fields.

A whole team will support you

Study where you like

Access to educational materials is always at hand: this saves your resources

Upload assignments from your phone

Conveniently track the status of practical work and respond to teacher comments

Work out even without the Internet

You can download materials to your phone and study even where there is poor communication

(We will help you install programs and answer your questions.)

How the training works:


The courses consist of thematic videos of varying lengths. Watch them anytime, anywhere. Access is unlimited, so you can always come back and repeat the theory.


We believe that skills can only be developed through practice. Therefore, after theory, practical work or a test awaits you. All tasks are close to real ones – you can proudly put them in your portfolio.


Curators check assignments. These are experts on the topic of the course. They will help you with difficult tasks and tell you how to improve your projects. You can communicate with reviewing curators directly on the platform.